10 Safety Tips For Online Shopping}

Submitted by: Irsan Komarga

The following is a list of useful tips for online shopping.

1. Use you instinct and trust it. If you feel that you’re not comfortable purchasing some items online, do not force yourself to do so. In case you feel pressured in placing your orders immediately, perhaps you should not.

2. Be familiar with web-based sales or auctions. Be sure that you have all the important information regarding online shopping rules and policies like warranties, refunds and more. Be sure that you also know the legal terms of the seller’s products that you’re wishing to purchase.

3. Check pricing.

Always double check any item’s price most especially if the cost is too cheap. They are usually too good to be true. Know the price of an item by checking several different online or offline shops. This way you can make sure that you are not paying too much for it. Try to save by avoiding extra shipping or even extra handling as much as possible.


4. Look for the privacy policy and make sure to read it. Read the privacy policy and know what information the seller is asking from you and make sure you are aware of its purpose. Don’t purchase from websites that don’t have any privacy policy information post. Check the website’s privacy policy either from the seller’s home page or from the Legal Terms section.

5. Review legal terms. Carefully review the shipping and handling policies, return and refund terms and conditions as well as any other legal terms from the website. In case you cannot find them, ask the seller’s assistance by sending him or her an email or call your seller. Ask where they can be found from the site or check if they can provide them to you.

6. Make sure that the website is secured. Before you process your payment online or with your seller, check for security indicators. You will know if your online payment transaction is secured if the website has a picture of the unbroken key or closed lock in your browser window, if the web address on the page that asks for your credit card information begins with “https:” instead of “http and if it has the words “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)” or a pop up box that informs you that you are entering a secure area.

7. Use the safest mode of payment over the internet. Pay by using your credit card for online shopping since if you’ll have an unauthorized charge, your liability is only limited to $50 and you can also file for a dispute.

8. Print the terms. Make sure to save a copy of the item description, terms and conditions, warranties, company information, confirmation emails and print them out just in case problems occur.

9. Item Safe Delivery

Make sure that your item is delivered safely by asking your seller to let the shipper should have the receiver’s signature before leaving your package. You can also ask to have your package delivered to your office in case you’re not sure you’re home.

10. Inspect your Purchased Item

The moment that you receive your purchase, check to see if there are problems with it so you can directly contact your seller. This way you can ask for a repair or refund.

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