5 Common Water Treatment Waterford Mi Systems


A number of sources can easily contaminate drinking water supplies. These include anything from hazardous household wastes to leaching of the metal found in the plumbing systems of many homes. The contaminated water has odors, off-tastes and or visible particles, however, some contaminants are hard to detect making water testing a vital part of identifying its quality and safety. Accurate water testing helps you identify the type of Water Treatment Waterford MI systems to buy.

There are several systems available and they include:

Carbon Filters

Some of the most popular Water Treatment Waterford MI systems in the market, they make use of granular activated carbon in the treatment of water from a single faucet. Some of them are filled manually while others are attached directly to the plumbing system. They are great for removing substances like lead and chlorine in the water.

Water Softeners

Dissolved magnesium and calcium in water causes it to become hard, which interferes with dishwashing, laundry as well as appliances like water heaters. Softening is done by passing the water through a resin by a process called ion exchange. This process replaces the magnesium and calcium ions in water for the sodium ions in the resin.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

These work using high pressure forcing water through a membrane and works in reduction of heavy metals like lead, chromium and copper. Unfortunately, they also remove beneficial chemicals as well. Such units are typically used to treat only cooking and drinking water.

Ultraviolet Water Treatment Waterford MI Systems

UV treatment systems make use of ultraviolet light in order to get rid of the microorganisms like viruses and bacteria. The clearness of the water plays a big part in the efficiency of these units.


Distillers produce water that is almost pure. They are used in the removal of minerals such as sodium and nitrate, many organic chemicals and just about all other impurities. The distilled water is suitable for household equipment that requires mineral free water and wet batteries.

Before buying a Water Treatment Waterford MI system, it is imperative that you consider:

Amount and type of water contaminants

Cost of equipment

Maintenance and operating cost

Storage and operating space

In addition, ease of use

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