Canada To Start Express Entry Immigration Program}

Canada To Start Express Entry Immigration Program


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When the news came around that Canada Was To Start a new skilled migration scheme, nobody was sure and in fact nobody took it seriously that Canadian government could have been so committed to thinking about a possible solution that could resolve long pending stalemate over the skills migration system. The multitude of disbelief was so high, that neither the Canadian employers seemed to be convinced by the assurances, nor the aspirants across the world seemed to take the matter seriously.

But believe it or not, the latest introduction in the Canadian skills migration system is surely a revolutionary concept. Where would you find an official portal of migration facilitating employers and applicants to interact before the applicants are selected for the entry permission? The new system has it all in one packaged with punch to deliver accurately and in time.

The times have changed a lot since the turn of the century. Today, nothing can be left on the procedural deliberations because in the times of intense competition at the micro and macro level, success can be only guaranteed when one who strikes a right chord at the right time, and has the hand on pulse of changing aspirations. Canadian government has also taken a similar step that strives to resolve current issues and envisions solutions to face upcoming challenges connected to plugging gaps in the skills deficit in the local labor pools by 2020. The Start Of Canada Express Entry Program marks an advent of an era in the Canadian visa system that promises to select appropriate skills out of the crowd; and respond to the applicants within the stipulated time frame.

The new system has an eye on efficiency and does not involve too many procedural formalities. The applicants eager to move to the Maple leaf country can start the process by completing certain preliminary formalities, like obtaining skills assessment reports on their academic qualifications; and evidencing language sufficiency and compatibility in either of the official languages of the country, i.e. English or French. The next step to follow is again to be initiated by the applicants themselves, in which they must create their profiles on the Express Entry platform. The profile creation process assesses the eligibility of the applicants at two levels, i.e. before the creation of profiles the automated system seeks some basic information from the applicants through Come to Canada test. This small analytical procedure tests the applicants on some basic parameters, like

The province or territory the applicants plan to settle down in;


Intent of shifting to Canada;

Language ability evidenced by referencing the results of the approved language test;

Family members to accompany the applicants;

Education level;

Work experience in skills trades and Canada;

Details on any job offer, if any;

Amount of money applicants intend to bring along to Canada.

On the basis of the initial assessment, the applicants are given a go ahead for creation of profile on the electronic platform working under the

Canada Immigration Express Entry system

. Once inside the EE platform system, the candidates are gauged once again on the basis of the Comprehensive Ranking System to assess the overall ability of the applicants and spouse (incase the applicants are married). The two phased gauging system leaves only the most suitable people in the fray for the permanent residence visa of the country.

The profiles deemed qualified are placed in the pool by the system which are ranked on the basis of marks attained in CRS. These profiles are in turn short listed by the authorities for the final rounds.

It took some for Canada To Start

Express Entry Immigration Program

, and when the news came in, nobody actually believed it. But believe it or not, the latest introduction in the Canadian skills migration system is surely a revolutionary concept as it has an eye on efficiency and does not involve too many procedural formalities.


Express Entry System

is though the simplified version of

immigration program

but still one needs an advisor to get the work done faster. Here, Abhinav plays a vital role as the expert advisors of Abhinav helps the immigrants throughout the process and make it easier.

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