Great Ideas For Rewarding Yourself For Weight Loss

By Ellie Lewis

Weight loss is hard work. A person trying to lose weight has to change their diet, be aware of everything they eat and how many calories it contains and they have to add more activity to their daily schedule. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose, it could take months or years to drop all of it and you will need to make permanent lifestyle changes. Even a quick ten pounds can require a lot of extra aerobic activity and dining on carrots and celery for a few weeks. While you will be healthier in the long-run, you will need to make a lot of sacrifice and effort. For this, you should give yourself rewards along your weight loss journey. Since you are trying to eat healthier, avoid rewards that are food related. There are plenty of other options including new accessories like shoes and purses. Imagine how great you will feel carrying your Christian Dior replica handbags or Hermes replica handbags in honor of your weight loss. Finding a reward like Juicy Couture replica handbags is a great way to let yourself know your hard work paid off.

Adding exercise to your daily schedule may result in some soreness and stiffness until you get used to it. You can help ease the soreness with a body massage. Massages are a great weight loss reward because they help you feel better and they make you healthier. As you continue to lose, you can continue to keep massage part of your schedule. Each month that paces that you keep your fitness plan on schedule and you make smart eating choices, you can reward yourself with a spa day.


As your body changes, you will need to clothe it differently. If you lose a significant amount of weight, you may need an entirely new wardrobe. While this may be an expensive investment, it is necessary if you want to look your best. Losing weight is hard work and you want to show off your new body. As you reach weight loss goals, add new pieces to your wardrobe so your clothing looks neat and tailored.

A big fitness goal should be rewarded in a big way. When you reach your ultimate goal, reward yourself with a vacation somewhere you have always dreamed of visiting. This may mean donning a great new swimsuit on your new body or you may just want to explore a new area. As you lose weight, your energy levels will rise, so you will have plenty of energy for searching and exploring your destination.

A final way to reward yourself for weight loss is to look to the future and how you will continue your healthy lifestyle. A fitness class can liven up your workout schedule and get you excited about your new lifestyle. If you find yourself getting bored with your current workout, a fitness class is a great way to get excited again about exercise. Fitness classes are a great reward that fits your new lifestyle and way of living.

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