How To Restore An Older Model Or Antique Car

By Brenda Williams

Buying an older model car to restore is a dream for a lot of your car lovers out there. The work and money it takes to restore an older model car can pay off and end up being a rewarding experience. Any dream takes a lot of elbow grease and determination to make it come true. Restoring an older model car costs about the same as a new one costs these days and that’s really going all out. Why not have the dream of owning the car you so wanted in high school?

One difficulty you may run into when you restore an older model car is being able to find the parts you need. There are few places that specialize in classic auto parts. Restoring is a hard job and time consuming, but for those of you who can visualize behind the wheel after it is all said and done, the work is just another part of the fun.

When you first set eyes on the car you wish to restore, calm down. Take to heart the real problems that car may have that are unfixable. Take rust for instance. A body that is eaten up with rust may be too far gone. Getting body parts for like one whole quarter panel and all the fenders may be close to impossible to locate, the thing to do is after looking at the car and determining basic restoration needs, call around and see if you will be able to get what you need. Before you spend your money on a car, go online and check out the restoration shops. Make sure you can get what you need first to restore the car of your dreams.


One way to learn about what you need to do to restore an older model car is subscribe to magazines on that subject. These may also give you places to buy older parts or even find the cat that you want. You will also want to have a certain place to work on your car at that is indoors and thieve proof. Remember that classic cars can fetch a hefty price and any car thief would love the chance to get their hands on one that is left outside or unattended.

When you do start the restoration process, be organized. Keep nuts and bolts in labeled coffee cans so they will be easy to find later on during reassembly. Put down a large tarp under the car before you ever take anything off your car so if you drop anything, it will be right there and easy to keep up with.

After all is said and done, when you can stand back and look at that baby and say ‘I did that and that’s mine’, that is the time to think about putting insurance on her. The amount of work and money you have put into this car is well deserving of top of the line insurance coverage. You deserve the peace of mind it will give and all the work you did to restore an older model car won’t be wasted.

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