The Role Of Gps In Golf

The Role of GPS in Golf



The game of golf that has been played for years, have been revolutionized in many ways after the introduction of the GPS system. This is one of the latest changes that has been introduced in the golf. However, this device has been into some controversies in the professional leagues but the amateur golfers found this system to be extremely helpful.

The biggest advantage that is provided by the GPS system is that it helps the golfer gauge the distance to a hole when the golfer is not familiar with the course. It also helps the player to gauge the elevation of the course.


Though there is one limitation to the GPS system and that is the length of the screen. It is true that like all the handheld devices, these devices also have small screens. But then the advantage of scrolling from one place to another is the feature that makes this device extraordinary. However, it is not easy to see the whole thing on a single screen.

Another thing that you can able to gauge with the help of the GPS system is the elevation of the course. But for this you need to be familiar with the course. Once you are familiar with the course then the GPS system would help you understand how low or high the hole actually is. It would help you from getting deceived by your eyes and get frustrated.

In the market there are various brands of GPS system available and each come with different types of features. The best however would be to have a GPS system with the maps of the popular courses and giving the elevation of the course as well as the distance between the holes. Some of the GPS systems even come with the feature where you can find the distance of the last shot. This would help you understand how many yards can you cover with your swing. And then you can understand how much harder you should hit the ball when you are hitting the next shot.

This information provided by the golf GPS systems would also help you in choosing the right club because if you are able to judge the elevation and the distance correctly then you can decide whether to use an iron instead of wedge to get rid of the sand trap.

Summary: With the help of the GPS systems you can gauge the distance of the hole and also the see the distance of the last shot and decide how much force you need to use in the next shot.

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