Advantages Of Naming A Probate Lawyer As Executor Over Your Estate

byAlma Abell

Aftera person passes away, their estate is dispersed to the beneficiariesand outstanding debt is paid to creditors. This process is oftencompleted in probate court, however, under certain circumstances theestate can be distributed outside a courtroom. Circumstances such asthe estate does not meet a specific monetary value or will has beenestablished. However, to distribute the property to the beneficiariesan executor of the will must be named. Often a trusted family memberor friend is the named executor of your estate, and in some cases aprobate lawyer in Moline IL is appointed to dispense the property.

Reasonsto Select an Attorney

  • They are a biased party that does not have a personal interest in the estate.
  • A probate lawyer in Moline IL knows how to validate a will to make sure it is followed.
  • The family can focus on grieving; while an attorney oversees the legal aspects of the estate.
  • Minimizes the risk of conflicting family members overseeing the distribution of the property.
  • An attorney fully understands the beneficiary’s rights and how to meet all legal obligations.
  • They can quickly collect the property to distribute the estate to the heirs.
  • You have peace of mind to know your estate is in trusted hands after you pass away.

Avoida Lengthy Legal Battle Over Your Estate

If an impartial party is named the executor of your estate, it minimizes the risk of family members disputing over the property. An attorney’s primary focus is to ensure the deceased individual’s final wishes are respected. You can rely on David J. Franks Attorney at Law to deliver the legal services you require to ensure your estate is protected after you pass away. From drafting legal documents to distributing your estate, you can ease your mind by working with a trusted and experienced law firm.

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