American Precious Metals

By Jason Wilson

With the value of the dollar dropping people are focusing their investment ideas towards American precious metals. Gold, silver and platinum have had steadily rising values over the last year and the trend is expected to continue.

A large portion of those looking to invest are doing so with gold. Gold bullion are the popular choice of those interested in gold. Bullion is very popular since it can be bought as private bullion, which has added tax and privacy advantages that many investors value.

Numismatics are also very popular right now. These are gold coins that not only have a bullion value but get a large amount of their rate from factors such as metal value, perceived rarity, current demand, quality, market sentiment, general economic and other factors. With spot prices for gold on the rise it can adversely affect the value of numismatics. Bullion values will remain in tact but its numismatic value may decrease. This is why experts recommend holding on to bullion for at least 3-5 years and numismatics for at least 5-10 years in order to overcome these spreads and realize potential profits.


Silver is also one of the popular American precious metals that people are looking to buy, as its value is on an upward climb. An ounce of silver is much less than an ounce of gold or platinum but it is still considered a wise investment to strengthen a portfolio and analysts predict silver will continue to outperform gold in the coming years.

Walking Liberty Half Dollars, also known as ‘Walkers’, are one of the most popular silver coins for collectors and investors alike. Minted only from 1916-1947, these coins show a beautiful Lady Liberty in full stride with a setting sun in the background. Bags of circulated Walkers are by far the most popular form of bulk silver for many investors. They provide the best value in a non-confiscatable, private form of silver and are a perfect size for barter and trade in the event of a currency crisis.

Platinum is one of the most highly prized and valued American precious metals. Platinum is the most expensive of the precious metals, sitting over $1,270 in recent weeks, but the trends have shown platinum to be on more of a downward slide than gold and silver. One thing that may push platinum prices back up is fear of a strike by South African miners. A strike will cease platinum mining and demand for the precious metal will rise as supply decreases.

American precious metals are a wise investment in today’s tough economy. People choose to invest in these over stocks and bonds because in the event of a financial breakdown, people will have gold, silver and platinum as currency and will still be able to buy goods and services. Prices on these precious metals are also expected to reach record levels by end of year. Investing in gold, silver and platinum is peace of mind in a world of uncertainty.

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