Atlanta Foreclosures: Finding A Peach Of A Deal

By David Faulkner

Atlanta Foreclosure Laws

The legal rules governing Atlanta foreclosures are simple enough to implement that the majority of foreclosure proceedings can be finalized in a thirty days, or sixty at the most. They require that a listing, including the names of the propertys owner and lender holding the note, the specific details about the property itself, and the day, hour, and place of the foreclosure sale be published for four straight weeks.

Number of Foreclosure Properties

Properties in foreclosure in Atlanta number in the thousands, of every imaginable kind size, and quality; and the savings for those who purchase them through foreclosure can range from twenty percent to over fifty percent.

The sales of foreclosed properties in Atlanta are listed immediately on completion of the Notice of Trustee Sale, and the value of the property–be it a multi-million dollar mansion or a single-bedroom condominiummakes no difference. Because the properties are listed quickly, potential buyers have plenty of time to research and view them, and be present to bid at the court house auction. Those willing to do their own bidding at the court house, instead of often come out ahead of those who wait and try to buy property from the winning bidder following the auction.


Where to Learn about Atlanta Foreclosures

Georgia State Foreclosure law requires that a listing all Atlanta property in foreclosure be published in the newspaper for four weeks before it is sold. The same newspapers and magazine vendors which carry the urban Atlanta newspapers are also likely to have bulletins devoted strictly to foreclosure listings. For more info see

on Bank Owned Home Foreclosures.

Another great way to properties in foreclosure is by Internet search. Many website have national foreclosure listings; there are others which focus on a single state or urban area. And most of them offer some basic information Atlanta on foreclosure properties at no charge.

But if you see a promising Atlanta foreclosure listing at one of these websites, youll probably have to pay a fee to get all the information necessary to determine if you want to pursue it. While some of the Atlanta foreclosure websites may offer you a no-charge trial of their services, youll still have to provide them with your banking or credit card information. And in most cases, youll have to notify them that you want to cancel their service before the nor-charge trial ends; otherwise your bank account will be debited or your credit card charged.

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