Breast Enlargement To Treat The Breasts

Breast Enlargement to Treat the Breasts



Cosmetic surgery is a procedure used to enhance the appearance using medical and surgical techniques. There is a boom in this field for many years. Therefore you must choose the well qualified and best cosmetic surgeon. For a successful surgery, cosmetic surgeon is very important. The reputation and feedback are important which help people decide who they want to get surgery done from. People are very cautious about the surgery procedure and they even go overseas in search of good cosmetic surgeons. One of the most common surgeries is the breast enlargement. There are many women in the world who choose the breast enlargement for different reasons.

Breast enlargement surgery: – It is also known as augmentation mammoplasty. In this procedure, an implant is placed beneath the breast of the woman by the breast enlargement surgeon. The implant is mainly made up of a silicone shell containing saline solution or some other substance. The substance used is either hydrogel or methylcellulose gel. The material should be safe so that is can be absorbed easily by the body on rupturing or leakage. Breast enlargement is used for following reasons by women: –

A volume loss of breasts after pregnancy: – Some women undergo breast enlargement surgery after pregnancy as they think that their breast size is smaller than before.

Different size of the breasts: – It is observed in many women. Their one breast is either smaller or bigger than the other one.

Loss in the volume of breasts after weight loss: – Weight loss also leads to the smaller size.


However, sometimes the reason is also the profession of the woman. Many women in the modeling, acting and dancing use breast enlargement to enhance the size only. This affects their career as physical appearance is important in this profession.

Breast enlargement surgery cost must be considered before going through the surgery. Expenses such as prescription fee, health care fee, vacation time and medicines must be considered by the women. It may cost much, therefore must be decided carefully according to the requirement. The breast implant is used by women to reconstruct the physical appearance of the breasts. The time used in the surgery is determined by the types of incisions, procedures used, pectoral locale and breast implant.

Different types of implants used in breast enlargement are: –

Saline implant: – these are filled with the sterile saline solution.

Silicone implant: – this is filled with the sticky silicone gel.

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Procedure of the breast enlargement: –

Primary reconstruction: – This process involves the replacement of tissues injured by trauma such as blast, blunt and penetrating, disease such as breast cancer and failure of anatomic development such as tuberous breast deformity.

Reconstruction and revision: -This surgery is done to correct the previous reconstruction surgery. Sometimes the outcome of a surgery is not what was desired by the patient therefore it is used to revise the surgery.

Primary augmentation: – It is used to enlarge the form, size and sense of the breasts. in Prague is a trusted name for all breast related treatments including Breast Implant,

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