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Who doesnt love money? No-one would raise their hand to that unless they were Buddha or lying. Everybody wants it, but there is a problem. Everybody, well, most people, love to spend it. To put it more explicitly, people love to buy stuff. Sometimes, these are not always wants. A lot of purchases just have to be made. If for example, you are going on a 2 week trip from East Devon, you might find yourself having no choice but to get Exeter Airport Parking.

You may have to get it alright, but you dont exactly have to pay a high fee for it. Using Exeter Airport parking discount codes, you can get yourself some cheap car spaces at the air hub. And that is just one example.

You can apply the same principle and more to the different purchases you make through your life. What are some other ways you can build your frugal lifestyle?

1. Start Small


Starting huge sounds enticing. We all love to see progress in everything we do. And the bigger, the better. And that is the problem. We want to see huge changes in a little but this, when it comes to building a frugal lifestyle, might not be the best approach.

A leap from spending 800 a week to 400 is a huge one, one that has to be given time. But speed, y protest. Well, going about it in haste and impatience will cause you to fail, and with that will come feelings of frustration: I just cant do this, Can I?

Start small then build up from there. Your little victories will encourage you to forge ahead. Aiming too high is like biting off more than you can chew.

2. Dont Neglect Small Savings

Sometimes it is easy to neglect small savings because, well, they are negligible. But savings of 1 Pound on a product you buy 200 units of in a year add up to 200 Pounds, and by the book of the average UK citizen, that is not exactly negligible.

Never let a chance to save pass by just because you think it is too small. If, for example, you have to get Exeter Airport Parking, do all you can to get some discounts on it. This is no more hard work than booking it at the usual price. All you need are a few more mouse clicks to get you around coupon sites like the Parking at Airports website.

The savings you can get here are not small, actually. They can go as high as 70 percent off. How irresistible is that?

3. Read Frugal Living Blogs

You are not alone on this journey. There are others in the UK living, or at least trying to live the frugal way. Some of them have blogs where they share tips on how to go about the whole thing. Plus you can get some heads up on different promotions running.

It is also important to check discount sites.For example, if you travel a lot, linger around sites like the Parking at Airport Websites for coupons.

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