Medical Career In Kyrgyzstan For Indian Students: Should You Believe Or Not?

Do you want to study MBBS from abroad? If yes, then Jagvimal is the best consultant which provides top medical colleges in Kazakhstan for Indian studentswho really want to make their medical career in abroad university.

Like China, US and UK, Kazakhstan also becomes a most wanted destination for medical education. From the past five years, we got the countless medical application form from the Indian students who really wish to get enrolled in Kazakhstan medical college. Every year, strength of Indian students in medical universities in Kazakhstan is amplified. Mostly aspirants go to Kazakh National Medical University, South Kazakh State Medical University, and Khoja Akhmet Yassawi International Kazakh – Turkish University. When I begin to find out the explanation why Indian students prefer the medical universities in Kazakhstan, I found some interesting facts like:-

Low Tuition Fee and Living Cost- If you evaluate medical studies in India is quite cost effective while you study MBBS in Kazakhstan. To continue medical education in India you have to pay Rs. 5 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs per year along with the important donation. This amount obviously is not affordable by every student. But if you pursue your medical education from Kazakhstan medical colleges then you need to pay 10 to 12 Lakh for your total education which means this amount is not only for one year. This amount is an overall fee of your medical education. In Kazakhstan medical course is 6 years course. You see the difference of amount in India or in Kazakhstan.

Besides this other facilities is also affordable in Kazakhstan, because Kazakhstan is not a rich country so that every Indian student or middle-class aspirants can also afford the living cost in Kazakhstan. Living cost is minimal so that Indian student can enjoy the elevated excellence standard of living in an affordable financial plan.

Direct Admission in MBBS: In Kazakhstan to get enrolled in medical colleges, students don’t need to appear in any entrance exams like in India. Which means MBBS admission in Kazakhstan is accepted directly. If students secure 50% marks in PCB in an intermediate class, they are accepted to do MBBS in Kazakhstan.

English Medium: For Indian students comfort medical education is also provided in English Medium that means an Indian student doesn’t need to learn the Russian language.

Friendly Environment for Indians: In Kazakhstan, students find a friendly environment, because Russia is one of the neighboring Associates of India. For that Russian people love to know about the Indian culture. Find this kind of environment student can easily settle in Kazakhstan.

Direct Flight Connectivity: Kazakhstan’s principal city Bishkek is directly connected by air to New Delhi. Students can easily reach Bishkek and catch the direct flight to New Delhi and reached New Delhi within 3 hours.

I think these facts are quite enough to attract any Indian students towards Kazakhstan medical universities. But everything is not fine in Kazakhstan. As I told you that Kazakhstan is not a rich country that means this country has developed the country. The capital city of Kazakhstan is developed. Bishkek is the awesome city, other than Bishkek city you found the rural area in Kazakhstan. If you ignore this fact about Kazakhstan then this country is a perfect option for the Medical Education.

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