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Plastic surgery comes in two forms – cosmetic and reconstructive surgical techniques that helps to correct many imperfections for aesthetic and functional purposes. A Plastic Surgeon has a passion for this combination of art and science to convert your desired expectation of visual beauty into reality by making use of the least invasive latest procedures. In certain cases he or she also employs up to date meticulous surgical techniques and aesthetic evaluation to satisfy the needs of the individual.

There are quite a number of plastic surgeons in San Francisco, so make sure you pay attention to the experience and qualifications of the doctor when choosing one.


Cosmetic plastic surgery can enhance certain body features or make changes to improve appearance. Reconstructive surgery corrects defects and disfigurements and restores some part in the body that has been damaged due to burns or accidents. It also rectifies inborn defects like cleft palate, bone fractures, mastectomy. The bottom line is to achieve normal functioning in addition to beauty.

Today most people irrespective of whether they are man or woman, young or old, rich or poor are very mindful of their body image. They are well aware of the fact that a poor body image can lower ones self esteem. This is more the case in a city such as San Francisco, which is becoming more and more competitive.

Your plastic surgeon is the best person who can help you improve your appearance and create a positive impact on in your life. An improved appearance will give greater confidence to face challenges in your society, career and relationships and enhance your lifestyle as well. You stand to gain both physically and emotionally. The psychological effects of plastic surgery immensely improve not only your personality but also the way you feel about yourself. This is a positive factor in your socialization process and may even improve your interaction skills. You enjoy a better quality of life, not just for a short while but for a lifetime if you wish.

If you are in San Francisco, there are many advanced treatments you can choose from. These range between subtle changes or dramatic makeovers, depending on your personal aesthetic goals and the professional advice of the plastic surgeon. Growing old is unavoidable with eyebrows drooping, wrinkled cheeks and necks and excess fat sagging and unwanted body hair that is unsightly but yet longing to look young or perhaps age with grace is up for grabs.

Plastic surgeons also help remove acne scar and tattoo. These are very common procedures. Breast augmentation improves the size and shape of your breast to look natural while Rhinoplasty improves your profile. There are quite a number of people in San Francisco who have done facelifts. Facelifts soften and make the skin look young again. To correct chronic infections related to sinuses or a snoring condition facial plastic surgery is performed. Common reconstructive plastic surgery rectifies breathing problems and cleft palate. Tummy tucks and liposuction is important to draw out fat deposits from under the skin. Even the skin on the upper arms can be made firm and soft with an arm lift procedure.

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