Safeguard Your Organisation And Stop Wasting Time And Money By Carrying Out Police Checks To Corroborate The Criminal History Of Job Candidates

Safeguard Your Organisation And Stop Wasting Time And Money By Carrying out Police Checks To Corroborate The Criminal History Of Job Candidates


Michael Robertson

When looking at a applicant for a place, it is useful to obtain a list of any prior offences in any state in Australia. A National Criminal History Record Check, also known as a police check, will report the criminal records for an individual across all states of Australia. If you are expressly interested in traffic related offences it is essential to note that these records may not be returned by a police check. A separate traffic records check is available for each state in Australia to obtain these records. It might be that some older records won’t be included in the report in accordance with the Spent Convictions legislation of each state.

If a person not committed subsequent offences for a certain minimum period it is possible to have some offences cleared from the police report as ‘Spent Convictions’. For the majority of states in Australia this period is 10 years but 5 years is sufficient in other states. The system for having a conviction spent differs between states as well – this process occurs automatically in some states whereas in other states the person of record must make a claim for the convictions to be spent. An application for convictions to be spent is restricted to lesser convictions and serious crimes that an individual has committed will remain on their public record regardless of the time that has passed.

Individuals need not be worried that their employer will obtain a criminal background check without their knowledge as police checks will not be issued without the approval of the individual concerned. The agency carrying out the check will require 100 points of identification accompanying the person’s signed consent for the check to be conducted. The simplest and quickest way to obtain a police check is by applying online. The turnaround time and convenience in distributing the results of the police check make web-based systems a straightforward solution for employers or individuals needing to submit their background check securely and quickly.


Police checks are significant to employers due to the numerous legal or financial considerations associated with employing an individual. You should take practical steps to safeguard your organisation by knowing exactly who you are employing and whether there may be a history of legal problems in their background. Sure, it is possible for anybody to make a mistake but the point is that you, as an employer, are best placed to weigh up the suitability of a candidate after you know all of the particulars regarding their background and can talk about their history openly with them.

You can help to remove the possibility of security breaches from attacks on your business via ‘social engineering’ by knowing the criminal background of each of the employees within your company. Organisations in most industries expend a small fortune on physical security for their buildings and grounds, implement firewalls and network security measures for their information technology but overlook the most convenient way to crack open the security of their company – an inside operation.

A person with a history of criminal convictions will make an attempt to gain trust and secure a position in which to take advantage of your good will. Alternatively, previous offences that are held secret might be used as leverage on a well-intentioned member of staff in order to convince them of committing additional crimes anxiety over third party exposure and the possible loss of their job.

Police checks are simple to order and the results can usually be obtained within a day. Access to the national police records is only possible via paid searches but this expense is low in comparison to the harm that a poor hiring decision do to your organisation and the expense of this disruption.

Depending on the industry that your business operates in, the position you are filling and the roles and duties that relate to that position there are a number of other checks that we would also advocate to ensure that your latest employee is a good fit for your business. However, we uniformly recommend to every client that they introduce a strategy that includes police checks as part of all hiring decisions.

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