The Beauty Of The Italian Ceramics

The beauty of the italian ceramics


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The beauty and quality of the Italian ceramics no compares with other kind of ceramics, when you talk about Majolica or Italian Maiolica designates tin glazed pottery dating from the Renaissance often associated with certain regions of Italy like Deruta, Gubbio, Gualdo Tadino and Orvieto, so it is italian ceramics.

Villaggioceramics offers you the best hand painted ceramics and italian decor for your collection or home decorating, you will find ceramic plate, ceramic tile, cama ceramics deruta, fima ceramics deruta from Raffaellesco or Ricco.

All the pieces comes directly from the workshop in deruta Italy to our client’s across the United States, our love for the Italian way of live encourage us to provide just the best Italian tableware, Italian canisters and geometric dinnerware to our clients.


Villaggioceramics keep the elegance and the tradition from Deruta, Italy. Their pieces are delicate, made with the patient from Italian families. Ceramics has been produced in many areas and countries, and Italy has certainly always been one of the most well known. The art of making ceramics has seen its flourishing in Italy.

You will find in villaggioceramics ceramics bowl, ceramics jar, Tuscany ceramics, ceramic vase and eugenio dinnerware, who is one of the best master in Deruta. All our Italian imports are genuine articles made entirely in Deruta, we are proud in not only offer to our clients a beautiful art work to look at but also items that can be put to use daily.

We offer a huge variety of Italian majolica or majolica Deruta, you can personalize the product you choose like you want, too; when you want to give a good present to your family or friends, villaggioceramics count with Italian ceramics from the best and known maestros like Franco Mari, Eugenio Ricciarelli and Mastro Giorgio Gubbio as the creator of some of the finest Deruta Maiolica over the history and directly from Deruta Italy.

Due to the respect for the most traditional techniques combined with their creative approach to majolica, make Fima won his fame as traditional designers, and their designs such as Raffaellesco, Ricco Deruta and Arabesco be well known around the world.

I know this ceramics will see beautiful in your rest room, your rooms or wherever that you put them, because there are several forms to use them, many colors, geometric forms and beauty. The variety of this ceramic makes them prefer over the rest of the ceramics, the quality and the work that it drive make them more viewer for the people who like ceramics.

The passion for this kind of ceramic provides long time ago, for the dedication in each piece of the ceramics; the delicate hand painting become the most important thing in their fabrication, many families in Deruta spend their time in the manufacturing of this ceramic, it’s like a tradition for everybody there. The Italian way of life is all about the simple pleasures… family, good food, friends, community. We are committed to offer the same to our clients through our ceramic art.

So directly from Deruta, Italy to U.S.A we bring you the beauty of Italian ceramics fabricate for Italian hands exclusively for our clients.

Our clients are the most important of our company; we will make the most beautiful ceramics for you with the dedication that it requires. Visit us I will hope for you.

The Italian way of life is all about the simple pleasures… family, good food, friends, community. We are committed to offer the same to our clients through our ceramic art.

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