Things You Must Know Before Renting

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Moving to a new apartment or choosing the best one to rent could be an intimidating task. There are few things/points, you should consider as these points will definitely help you to avoid jumping in to a wrong locale.

1. Budget

Before stepping out for an apartment to rent, set a budget. Consider how much you can afford. Simply, follow the rule not to go beyond 30% of your monthly income and then focus your search as per your budget. In case, you are looking for a cheaper place then try roommate services.

2. Make a list

Don t forget to pen down your requirements. People who do not craft a list for their needs and requirements wrap up depressed and irritated with the result of their hasty decisions.

3. Finance and documents

You need to convince the landlord that you ll be a trust worthy tenant. For that you need to fill an application/document to make sure that you are good with paying monthly rent. In certain cases, you may suppose to attach a copy of your monthly salary slip or credit reports.


4. Parts of rent

It is very vital to check what the rent includes i.e. whether it is counting bill for water, electricity, Internet connection usage or not. But the most important thing to know is the average utility bill of the building. Feel free to consult the proprietor to be sure that you won t get crazy numbers on your bills.

5. Check out

Just because the rent is fair and the area is superb, never avoid checking out the actual place, where you re going to live. Examine every single thing exhaustively. Things to take a closer look are:

Pipes be it gas, water or anything else, check for leaks.

Electricity and appliances should all be functioning.

Ensure the windows the working properly.

6. Read before sign

Be a smart tenant. Never sign any document or contract without reading it. Keep a copy of rules and regulations with you. Go through the document thoroughly. A lease contract must include the following point:

The commencement and the expiration date.

List of possible reasons for which the property-owner can lapse the lease contract.

Consequences for moving out of the apartment before the expiration date.

Responsibilities of a tenant.

Pipes be it gas, water or anything else, check for leaks.

Electricity and appliances should all be functioning.

Ensure the windows the working properly.

7. Deal

Scrutinize every single aspect of the lease. If there are things that you don t need or you want to take some responsibilities on you then ask the landlord to lower the rent. And if everything sounds perfect to you, sign the lease and get the deal.

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