The Reasons Lenders Still Provide Bad Credit Loans

By A.Noton

The credit score is a number that ranges from 300 to 850. It is calculated with a number of indices such as your employment, loans that you have taken the past, default rate, payback rate, and employment status among others. Your credit score largely determines your ability to secure a loan. A score above 720 is considered a good credit score and you can easily get a loan with it. However, if you score below 600, if you will be eligible for any loan, it will be the bad credit loans.

Some people will keep on wondering why a financial institution either conventional or unconventional will choose to lend someone with bad financial history money. To the casual observer, it does not make much business sense to lend more money to someone who still has some debts that he had defaulted in paying back at the appropriate time.

However, all financial institutions that provide such loans have their reasons for doing it. However, whatever their reason, one point that remains certain is that these lenders have come to an understanding that not everyone that has a poor credit history is guilty of gross financial misappropriation. Thus, the lenders are looking for ways to help such people increase their score without much stress.


For instance, some people may fall into a bad debt because they made bad business decisions. Some people can fall into financial mess because they bought stocks at a wrong time. Others could invest in a business that is on a decline while some people may have some frozen credits elsewhere. Another issue that makes people to fall into serious debt is when they or a member of their family fall into a prolonged illness that is expensive to maintain.

Another motivating factor behind the decision of lenders to provide people with such loans is that they are empowered by the law to charge high interest rates. The interest rates that such lenders require are usually very high such that people who are not sure of their ability to repay the loan should not attempt to apply for it.

In addition, this kind of loan can be divided into two broad categories that are namely the secured loan category and the unsecured loan category. The secure loan is offered to those who can provide collateral as security for their loan. They may provide documents to their houses or any other substantial investment that they have.

The unsecured loan is offered to people who do not have any collateral that they can provide to the lender. In most cases, if such people default, it may result into frozen credits for the lender and that is not very good for the business. Thus, the interest rate charged on such loans is usually the highest in the industry.

In essence, providers of bad credit loans are mainly interested in a means by which they can create a mutually benefiting relationship between themselves and those that are desperately in need of money. However, some people are skeptical about the integrity of these lenders. Thus, it may be a smart decision to weigh your options before making a final decision on whether to apply for the loan or not.

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